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Agro Exchange purposes to be the leading professional floricultural & horticultural service provider.



Why Cocopress:

Post 22 June 2014 -

Cocopress is more and more used because of its great advantages. Cocopeat is shipped compressed. For use, you must add water to the slab/block and it will expand to about 5 times its original volume. Because of these characteristic, shipping costs are low.

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Ambition in precision:

Post 19 October 2014 -

You may have the most advanced equipment as a horticulturist, but if the power supply doesn't work properly or is insufficient for your needs, this has a bad effect on the working of your equipment, and your climate control and entire operations are likely to be brought into danger.

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About Us

Agro Exchange Ltd is a Kenyan incorporated Company established in 2015 by two partners in association with international reputable companies in agro business. Agro Exchange is associated with AFRICAN HYDROPONICS Ltd for the purpose of;

  1. Providing floricultural & horticultural production technology.
  2. Supply up to date production technology equipment, inputs & support to African growers of cut-flowers and other crops.

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